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How do I get started with Rebit backup?

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We have specially designed this backup service to be easy to use.

  1. Select a password to activate your backup service. An online backup with a default set of file and folders will automatically start as soon as your service is activated.
  2. Customize the folder selection of your online backups to make sure your most important files are protected.
  3. Add a Local Backup with Full System Protection to make sure your entire computer is protected.

Hybrid (Online + Local) Backups = Peace of Mind

Rebit makes hybrid backups very simple. By offering both on-site (local and network backups) and off-site (online backups), you can create a hybrid backup strategy.

To create your hybrid backup strategy:

  1. Protect your most important files by backing up to an online backup account.
  2. Start your Full System Protection by backing up to either a local or network destination.

Free guide: 7 "Ridiculously Simple" Steps to Secure Your PC

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