Rebit Cloud Storage – Additional Storage

From: $3.99 / month

  • Additional cloud storage added to your account
  • Select your size
  • Cancel anytime

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Rebit comes with 250 GB of online storage. Some users prefer additional storage, which you can add to your existing Rebit subscription with this add-on.

After purchase, the additional storage will be added to your account.

What You’ll Get

  • Select the amount of storage you’d like to add
  • The additional cloud storage will be added to your account
  • Cancel anytime


This is an addition to your existing Rebit subscription. You need to have an active Rebit Pro membership to purchase this add-on.

How Our Online Storage is Different

Some other backup services advertise “unlimited” cloud backup. But the fine print shows they throttle users and limit file types. For example, they may not allow you to upload videos or music.

Rebit cloud storage, on the other hand, is ready and willing to accept all of your data. We won’t throttle or limit you.

Additionally, Rebit is one of the only backup solutions that allows you to back your data up to online, local, and network destinations. This means you have much more flexibility and can determine what data gets backed up to which destination.

Additional information

Storage Amount

+200 GB, +500 GB, +1000 GB


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