Rebit Cloud Storage: Business User

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Rebit Cloud Storage for Rebit Business Users.

  • Increase cloud storage allocation in your Business Portal
  • Assign cloud storage to your employees

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This product is for Rebit Business Users. Purchase Rebit Cloud Storage to assign to your employees in the Business Portal. The total amount you purchase will be added to your account. You can divide this amount among your customers.

Rebit supports customers subject to HIPAA. See Rebit HIPAA Compliance for more information.

Important Business User Instructions

Rebit for businesses provides centralized administration for Rebit licenses at your company. You can learn more here.

If you are making your first Rebit Business purchase, an admin account for the Business Portal will be set up with the email address you use at checkout. If you purchase 10 licenses, you will then see all 10 licenses in your Administrative Account and be able to assign them out to your employees.

If you are making additional purchases, use your Business Portal admin email at checkout to add new allocations to your company.

What You’ll Get

  • Ability to assign cloud storage to your customers
  • Cancel anytime through My Account


Employees will need a Rebit Pro Installation assigned before Rebit Cloud Storage can be assigned.

Assigning Rebit Cloud Storage

After purchasing, the allocation in your Business Portal will increase allowing you to assign custom amounts of Rebit Cloud Storage to your employees.

Upon assigning Rebit Cloud Storage, employees will see their Online Storage Limit increase accordingly.

Additional information

Storage Amount

100 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB


What is a business cloud?
Business cloud typically refers to cloud-based services that are suitable for corporate (as opposed to personal) use. Corporations typically have particular requirements specific to data handling, performance, support, and more that are defined through service-level agreements. Business cloud solutions may offer higher standards and certain points of flexibility to ensure they meet the requirements of businesses and not just consumers. By leveraging a single backup engine to manage both local and cloud backups, Rebit Pro provides the first seamless hybrid backup solution. A single user interface allows you to manage backups and get a unified view of data, whether it’s local or in the cloud.
Is cloud storage safe for business?
Cloud storage is an important compliment to onsite storage because disasters may destroy the original data and any local backups of that data. By having offsite backups, data can still be recovered in most disaster scenarios. Each cloud storage provider follows a set of security practices. Those practices should be evaluated to ensure they match with your company’s requirements.
Where is data stored in cloud?
Data stored in the cloud typically resides in redundant data centers in multiple locations across the globe. Cloud storage providers often report on a redundancy metric called “durability.” Each storage provider manages its own data centers and should be investigated to ensure it matches the requirements of your company.
How much does cloud storage cost for businesses?
Cloud storage cost varies greatly on a variety of factors, such as durability, redundancy, geolocation, frequency of writes (send data to be backed up), frequency of reads (retrievals of data), and the amount stored. Each cloud storage provider can be evaluated and matched to your company’s particular use case. Designed to be “Ridiculously Simple,” Rebit Pro offers a simple, easy to use interface for both cloud and local backup. The seamless integration of local and cloud backup, along with the ability to backup clients and servers with a single product, provides you with enterprise level backup capabilities without the need to manage a complex, expensive product.
What is the best solution for business data backup?
Business data backup is more important that personal data backup because it involves highly sensitive information about all the people in the organization and sensitive information about the organization as well. Rebit Pro Business Backup Software backs up key business data both onsite and offsite, making data and cost management simple. Most backup solutions require users to set up elaborate backup plans for their clients and servers. Rebit Pro uses CDP technology to automatically back up ALL changes that occur with the system every 30 seconds, waiting until the system is idle to avoid any performance impact. This eliminates the need for backup plans and schedules but ensures full system protection.


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