We believe
protecting your data
should be simple.
Ridiculously simple.

See how it compares
full-system-image-and-cloning Full-system image and cloning
local-network-cloud-backup Local, Network, Cloud backups
no-file-size-or-type-limit No limits on the file types or sizes
technical-support Awesome technical support

Backing up your PC is one of the
single most important things you can
do to ensure the safety and
security of your files

Whether a virus, malware, mistake,
fire, or theft, you’ll be protected
with Rebit.


No more scheduling backups.
And no manual steps. When it
comes to recovering your computer,
we kept it simple too. You can
restore a single file or recover
your entire PC. Rebit’s restore
with historical snapshots
is just a click away.


Rebit provides hybrid backup,
allowing you to continuously
back up to multiple destinations,
including local, network, and
cloud. And when it comes to
recovering from a total loss,
no one has you better protected
than Rebit. Our unique bare-metal
recovery can restore your PC


Start backing up your memories today with Rebit's award-winning software.

Rebit Personal PC Backup
A Brief History of Rebit

“To someone who has been setting up backupsfor a while, this is really impressive… Rebit gets it. They’ve made a product that does a very specific thing very well: worry free backup. To date, no other program quite does this… ”

Rebit Backup Software Earns Editor’s Choice

"The real star of the package is the software... The Rebit software gives you a full backup of your hard drive(s), featuring true disaster recovery to a bare metal hard drive (aka fresh out of the box)…Rebit can give you the peace of mind."

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“Rebit's new data protection suite uses enterprise-inspired Mirror Image technology, meant to allow full system recovery — not just of personal data, but of your apps, settings, and system files — from the cloud if your PC hard drive ever fails.”

-Notebook Review
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Award-Winning PC Backup. Patented Features. Unmatched Value.