Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

What is Ransomware Protection Feature on Rebit Personal? How is It Helpful?

For the uninitiated, ransomware is software that is specifically designed to prevent authorized users from accessing or using their data stored on computers. Rebit Personal’s ransomware protection feature helps you protect your backed-up data from ransomware. Whenever a user tries to back up a ransomware-infected file to Rebit, the backup process of that particular file is halted. Users will be informed about the presence of ransomware file(s) on their device via the Rebit Personal window and expanded view, as shown.


Ransomware alert Rebit window | Rebit

Ransomware alert in Rebit Personal window


Ransomware alert expanded view | Rebit

Ransomware alert in expanded view

On the system tray, the Rebit icon will change to the warning icon to notify the user to check the Rebit application.

Ransomware alert system tray | Rebit

Ransomware alert on the system tray

This feature helps protect backed-up files and folders by keeping the ransomware files at bay.

Note: Users cannot backup files with known ransomware extensions via the context menu, as the Rebit menu will be inaccessible.