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How Do I Cancel My Rebit Personal Subscription?

You need to follow the following steps to cancel the subscription:

 1. Visit

2. Login to your account by entering the credentials.

3. Click the Billing and Subscriptions icon.

Billing and Subscriptions icon | Rebit

                                                              Billing and Subscriptions icon

4. Select Manage Subscriptions on the side navigation bar.

 5. Scroll to the subscription you would like to cancel.

 6. Click the Cancel button.

 7. Confirm the cancelation of the subscription in the pop-up.

Manage Subscriptions | Rebit

                                                                 Manage Subscriptions


Confirmation pop-up | Rebit

                                                               Confirmation pop-up

You should be able to see the subscription updated notification at the lower-left corner of your screen confirming the success of the cancelation.

Notification | Rebit



Pending Cancellation Queue | Rebit

                                                         Pending Cancellation Queue

The corresponding subscription record will be moved under Pending cancellation and canceled on the date of expiry.