Announcement: Rebit Is Now Zmanda Endpoint Backup

How to View Backups for All the User Devices Which Are Backed Up

You can backup multiple devices with a single Rebit account. To see all of the devices being backed up, you need to click on the Backups button on the Rebit Backup app window. Your current device will be titled “This PC” in the left side navigation bar in the Expanded view. The other devices linked to the account will be listed below your device. There is no limit on the number of devices that can be backed up per Rebit account.

Linked PCs | Rebit SMB Backup

Note: The cloud storage space you opted for during your signup/subscription is shared among all the devices that you are backing up. Say for example, you opted for 250 GB during signup/subscription, the consolidated storage space available for all the devices combined is 250 GB.

Alternatively, the devices will also be visible under Linked Devices in the main section, as shown in the image above.

In the main section, you can also see the total storage being used by the individual devices. Finally, you can view the files backed up by the particular device by selecting the device. You can select them either on the side navigation bar or in the main area.