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How to Restore Past Versions of Backed-up Files in Rebit Endpoint Backup?

Backed-up files are continuously monitored for changes by Rebit Endpoint Backup, and versions are recorded accordingly. This feature is known as Version History. You can view the different file versions by clicking on the Version History button alongside the file.

Click on Version history | Restore on Rebit SMB

Point the mouse at the version you need and click on the Restore option.

Restore the past version | Rebit SMB

The file is checked for changes every 5 minutes. Rebit Endpoint Backup does not limit the number of versions your backed-up file can have. However, each version of a file is retained for 90 days. Post 90 days, the older versions of backed up are deleted, and you can only access the most recent version. It helps conserve storage capacity and preserves the latest version for future access.