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Rebit Partner Quick-Start Guide

The Rebit Partner Program allows Partners and Resellers the ability to generate a great new recurring revenue stream, provide your customers peace of mind, and reduce your troubleshooting effort. This guide will show you how to quickly get up and running with the program and your first customers.

Rebit Overview

Rebit is a backup utility for Windows operating systems. It provides patented technology with a simple-to-use interface.

Rebit is capable of performing a simultaneous and continuous backup to:

  • Local destinations
  • Network destinations
  • Cloud (provided by Rebit through Amazon S3)

Rebit also provides two types of backup and recovery:

With a single client, you can provide highly flexible backup solutions to your clients, allowing them to protect files, full systems, and backup to multiple destinations. This allows you to meet many use cases and ensure diverse redundancy.

Despite its robust features, Rebit has built a reputation for providing “ridiculously simple” and is used by hundreds of thousands of users.


Learn more about Rebit at

Becoming a Rebit Partner

As a Partner, you can provide highly flexible backup solutions to your clients, allowing them to protect files, full systems, and backup to multiple destinations. This allows you to meet many use cases and ensure diverse redundancy. Rebit can serve individuals and small businesses.

Rebit supports a wide range of Partners, from Fortune 500 companies to small and local businesses.

As a Rebit Partner, you will purchase licenses and cloud storage at wholesale rates. You then assign licenses and optional cloud storage to your customers. This allows you to set rates for your customers or position Rebit as a value-add to your service plans.

There are no sales minimums or targets required of Rebit Partners. You can buy as little as one license.

White labeling and other custom benefits can be discussed with your Rebit representative.

To become a Rebit Partner, simply fill out the online application form at

Upon becoming a Partner, you will receive a free license and 5GB of cloud storage. This will let you test the software and Partner Portal.

Getting Started with the Partner Program

Once you have been accepted as a Rebit Partner, you will be provided an account that will allow you to access the administration panel and make purchases.

As a Rebit Partner, you will have access to several key portions of the website.

1. Billing and Purchases

Purchase Rebit installations and cloud storage:

2. Partner Portal

The majority of administrative functions and user management will be handled from the Partner Portal:

3. Technical Support

Receive technical support:

Purchasing Rebit Licenses

The shop ( provides you complete access to manage purchases, renewals, and payment methods. You will receive wholesale pricing.

Purchases are made using a credit card.

If you want to reduce your allocations of either licenses or cloud storage, you can simply cancel subscriptions.

After a purchase is made, your allocations will be increased within your admin panel, allowing you to assign licenses and cloud storage to your customers.

Important: You will make all purchases using your same Partner Account email at checkout. This will ensure the new purchases are allocated to your Partner Account. Once you access your Partner Portal, you will see the new allocations and can then assign them out to your customers.

Assigning Licenses and Cloud Storage to Your Customers

Once you have purchased the number of licenses and quantity of cloud storage you need, you can begin assigning it to your customers.

Start by logging in to the Partner Portal (

From here, you will see two buckets of Rebit allocations: cloud storage and installations.

In this example, you can see the Partner has purchased 500GB of cloud storage and 50 installations. From this, 350GB and 7 installations have been assigned out to users.

Partner Dashboard

To provide Rebit to a new customer, click the Assign a New User button. From here, you will fill in their email address, the amount of cloud storage they need, and the number of simultaneous installations they can have. For example, if they need to install Rebit on three computers, you can give them three installations.

The email address is the key to the customer’s account. They will use that email address to sign in to Rebit software and to browse backups.

You may also add a Tag for each customer. This is a custom field, giving you the flexibility to segment customers. If you manage users for multiple businesses, you may, for example, use the Tag field to denote their business name.

Upon clicking Add User, the customer will receive a welcome email with a link to establish their password and to download Rebit.

Rebit Partner Add User

Documentation and Support

Should you have questions about Rebit or need technical assistance with one of your customers, here are resources available:


This quick-start guide should give you enough information to establish your Partner Account and assign your first license out to a customer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Rebit Account Manager or Rebit Support. Thank you!