Announcement: Rebit Is Now Zmanda Endpoint Backup

How to Perform an Online Backup – Quick Tip Video

Hi there. Welcome to Rebit Quick Tip Series.

Today, we are going to go over how to backup your data online. This means that your files will be safely and securely stored on Rebit’s cloud.

Step 1: You can access your backup manager in a couple of different ways.  First, is to go down to your taskbar and click on the frog icon. Or you can go over to the start menu and under recently added click on Rebit Pro.

This is what your backup manager looks like.

Step 2: Here you can choose what kind of backup you would like to perform. You have three options: online, local, and network.

Today we are going to do an online backup.

Step 3: To begin we need to click on set up, here.

This will enable you to look through the files and from here you can choose exactly what items you want to back up.

For today we are going to back up music.

Step 4: We do this by finding it in the sets, and clicking off. Here we can see that the status is automatically pending.

It will begin backing up automatically.

Step 5: When we hit back, we can see that the backup has prepared and once it is complete the status will change from backing up to backed up.

We have successfully backed up to the cloud where we can access our data anytime.


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