Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Signing Up for Trial


Learn how to sign up for a free trial of Rebit Personal. You can sign up either from the Sentinel website or the Rebitgo website.

How to sign up for a free trial of Rebit Personal?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you suddenly lost your data? Can you imagine the horror? Losing data is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone these days.

Fortunately, Rebit Personal is here to solve this problem once and for all. You will be surprised to learn how simple Rebit Personal is to use, with its power-packed features.

See for yourself how easy Rebit Personal is to use. Let us now learn how to sign up for the free trial of Rebit Personal for 30 days! You read that right it is 30 days.

1. Open any browser of your choice and visit

2. Select Sign up.

3. Enter your email address in the specified field.

4. Select your country from the Location dropdown.

Create an account | Rebit

Create an account

5. Read the Terms & Conditions by clicking the link and tick the checkbox if you agree to them.

Terms and Conditions | Rebit

Terms and Conditions


7. Check your email inbox for Set your password mail.

8. After opening the mail, click the URL.

9. Enter the password you wish to set for your Rebit Personal account and click the Reset Password button.

Change Your Password

Change your password



Password changed | Rebit

Password changed

10. Once you get the Password changed notification click Back to Sentinel.

11. Enter your email address and password in the specified field and select LOGIN.

12. Click the DOWNLOAD REBIT button on the Thanks for choosing Rebit page.

Thanks for choosing Rebit screen | Rebit

Thanks for choosing Rebit screen

13. On the lower right side select CONTINUE once it appears.

You should be able to see your Sentinel dashboard after following the instructions above.


Sentinel Dashboard | Rebit

Sentinel Dashboard

Sentinel Coach marks

Sentinel Coach marks

The above coach marks will be presented to you, pointing to the respective selections. If you wish to skip the tutorial, click on the Skip tutorial button on the first coach mark.