Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Restoring on Rebit Personal


Learn how to restore lost drives/files/folders via Rebit Personal. We shall also cover how to expedite restoring of specific files and restore specific versions.

You may come across situations wherein you accidentally deleted or modified a critical file or folder. Malware or some other software can perform unwanted actions during its operation.

Rebit Personal safeguards your data from such untoward incidents. Once you backup a drive/file/folder, subsequent changes made to them are automatically backed up as long as you are logged in to Rebit Personal.

So, running Rebit Personal every day keeps data loss worries away.

Restoring a drive or file/folder

You can restore your drive/file/folder to the original location they were backed up from. There are two cases of restoration. They are as follows:

Restoring the previous version of a file

1. Click Backups on the Rebit Personal window.

2. Select This PC on the side navigation bar.

3. Click the Version History button alongside the file you wish to restore.

Version History button | Rebit

Version History button

4. Point your mouse to the version of the file to restore.

5. Click the Restore button alongside the version you wish to restore.

Restoring a deleted file

1. Click Backups on the Rebit Personal window.

2. Select the Trash tab on the side navigation bar. [Deleted files/folders are moved to Trash]

3. Select all the drive/files/folders you wish to restore.

4. Click the Restore button located right below the search bar.

Restore files or folders via the Trash tab | Rebit

Restore files or folders via the Trash tab

Restore specific Files on priority

When you are restoring many files, you can restore a specific File/Folder on priority if you wish to. This enables you to avoid waiting for the restore process to complete before starting work on one particular File/Folder.

1. Open the File/Folder location where the files are being restored.

2. Double click the specific File that needs to be restored on priority.

3. Rebit Personal will prioritize the selected File restore.