Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Getting Acquainted With Rebit Personal


Learn how simple and intuitive Rebit Personal user interface is, including the commonly used menus and screens.

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The Rebit Personal user interface is simple and uncluttered. Getting around Rebit Personal is easy even for non-techies. Anyone can manage their backups on Rebit Personal without a fuss.

You can take the Rebit Personal tour available under the User menu to start things off. It takes you around the interface giving helpful descriptions of what each button does.

Coach mark 1 | Rebit

Coach mark 1


Rebit window coach marks

Rebit window coach marks

We hope you enjoyed the tour. Now, it is time for a little refresher on the Rebit Personal UI.

1. Account Menu: You can see the user account details and get options to pause the backup, unlink device, change backup settings, exit from the application, or even view the tour again.

Account Menu | Rebit

Account Menu

2. Backup menu: You can back up your files and folders from here.


Backup Menu | Rebit

Backup Menu


3. Expanded view: You can view various computers linked with your account along with their backed-up files and folders.

Expanded view | Rebit

Expanded view

4. Settings: You can view and/or configure application settings such as backups configurations, preferences, network, account and about.

Settings window | Rebit