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Unlink Devices From Rebit Endpoint Backup App


This guide shows how to unlink devices from the Rebit Endpoint Backup account.

Unlinking Device From Your Rebit Endpoint Backup Account

If you wish to stop backing up files and folders from a particular device, you can unlink it from your account.

Step 1. Click on the Account menu in the top right corner of the app window.

Step 2. Click on Unlink Device.

Unlink the device | Rebit SMB

Step 3. When the pop-up appears, click on Unlink to confirm it.

Confirm Unlink the device | Rebit SMB

Note: You cannot track the changes made to the backed-up file after unlinking the device as the backup will no longer be taken from that device. Also, the files that are already backed up will not be removed after unlinking the device.

You will be presented with the Sign in with Sentinel screen once the unlinking is complete.

Sign In with Sentinel | Rebit