Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Rebit Endpoint Backup User Management and Subscription Management


This guide shows how subscription management and user management work in Rebit Endpoint Backup. You can manage organizational backup better with the all-new subscription management feature.

User Management Feature of Rebit Endpoint Backup

Rebit Endpoint Backup has introduced four roles under the user management feature. The four roles include:

Four roles | Rebit User Management

Signs up for Rebit Endpoint Backup using Sentinel or Rebitgo website. They also have capabilities to perform operations of administrators and finance administrators.

IT Administrator

Adds, removes, modifies, and manages end-users in the Rebit Endpoint Backup organization.

Add new user | Rebit

Finance Administrator

Adds payment method and credit card details in the application, and also makes payment when required. The finance administrator need not share the payment details with anyone else in the organization.

Add payment method | Rebit Subscription Management

End User

Selects and removes the files, folders, and drives for backup. He/she can also restore and download files/folders/drives from the backed-up data. In brief, the end user manages all the backup and restore-related operations.

Backup file and folders | Rebit 2

The roles assign duties to the employees in the organization, which makes handling backup data easier.

Subscription Management Feature of Rebit Endpoint Backup

The newly introduced subscription management feature can help in assigning and removing licenses to users, and upgrading storage plans when required.