Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Rebit Endpoint Backup for Ransomware Protection

The ransomware feature of Rebit Endpoint Backup can help you keep the ransomware files at bay. Keeping the ransomware away protects your backed-up files/folders from getting corrupted.
Whenever a user tries to back up a ransomware-infected file to Rebit Endpoint Backup, the backup process of that particular file is halted. Users will be informed about the presence of ransomware file(s) on their devices via the Rebit Endpoint Backup app window.

Ransomware alert in Rebit window | Rebit SMB 2.3

You can find the same message on the expanded window of the app.

Ransomware alert in expanded view | Rebit SMB 2.3

The Rebit icon on the system tray will change indicating the detection of a ransomware file.

Ransomware alert on the system tray | Rebit SMB 2.3

The ransomware file cannot be backed up directly from the context menu. If you right-click on a file with a known ransomware extension, the Rebit option will be inaccessible. Thus, this keeps your backup safe.