Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Rebit Endpoint Backup 2.3 Release Notes

Rebit Endpoint Backup 2.3

  • Version 2.3 is the latest release available for Rebit Endpoint Backup.

  • This release includes new features and enhancements to boost the overall experience with Rebit Endpoint Backup.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Enhanced Performance – Improved the overall app performance for an elevated experience.

  • Security against Ransomware – The files with ransomware extensions are excluded from backup. A warning will pop up when a ransomware file extension is detected while backing up files and folders so that you can take the required action.

  • Intuitive UI – Sentinel Portal now has a new look and feel. The Subscription Management feature has a few usability changes. With this update, licenses can be managed in a better way. The Rebit app window will be visible at the center of the screen with movable functionality. There is also a preference to enable or disable minimizing the app window with the new Auto-minimize option in the Rebit app.

  • Add Multiple Users at Once – An option to add multiple users using a CSV file on the Sentinel Portal.