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Pause Backups on Rebit Endpoint Backup


This guide shows how to pause and resume backups on Rebit Endpoint Backup. You can manually pause backups or set the preference to trigger them.

How to Pause Backup?

Rebit Endpoint Backup gives you the option to pause backups in progress. This feature can come in handy when you have bandwidth-intensive or CPU-intensive tasks. To manually pause the backup, follow the steps below.

Pause the Backup Manually

Step 1. Click on the Account menu in the top right corner of the Rebit Endpoint Backup window.

Step 2. Scroll over Pause backup for option.

Step 3. Select the time interval of your choice to pause backup as required.

Pause the Backup | Rebit SMB

You will see a message on the top of the app window saying, “You have currently paused for backup. Please resume backup to proceed.”

Backup paused notification | Rebit SMB

Resume the Backup

To resume the backup process, click on the Account menu and select the Resume backup option.

Resume the backup | Rebit SMB

Pause and Resume the Backup Automatically

Rebit Endpoint Backup can automatically pause the backup process when certain events occur. The events include:

When the PC is in power saver mode.

When the PC is using a metered network.

When the internet connection is interrupted

Now to set your preferences, you can go through the steps below.

Step 1. Click on the Settings in the app window.

Step 2. Select Preferences on the side navigation bar.

Step 3. Now, toggle the following options as required.

a. Automatically pause Rebit Backup in battery saver mode.

b. Automatically pause Rebit Backup when using a metered network.

Set preferences to trigger pausing of backup | RebitThe backup process automatically resumes once the monitored event ends. The corresponding monitored events can only end in the following ways:

When the backup is paused due to battery saver mode, please connect your device to a power outlet to resume the backup.

Backup paused on battery saver mode | Rebit SMB
When the backup is paused due to metered connection, please change your device’s internet connection to an unmetered connection to resume the backup.

Backup pause notification due to metered connection | Rebit SMB

When the backup is paused due to network interruption, please connect your device to a functioning internet connection to resume the backup.

You can resume the backup by clicking on Resume on the windows notification panel as well.

Resume backup