Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family

Getting Acquainted with Rebit Endpoint Backup


This guide will help getting acquainted with the Rebit Endpoint Backup interface. Once you are well aware of menus, backup options, and settings, you can start your data backup journey easily.

Tour of Rebit Endpoint Backup

The Desktop app for Rebit Endpoint Backup is simple and intuitive. Therefore, you can manage, back up, and protect data without any fuss. You don’t need any technical expertise to back up your data with Rebit Endpoint Backup.

The Backup, Settings, Account, and Add File or Folder are the main things you see when you open the Rebit Endpoint Backup app from the Windows system tray.

The tour can give you a glimpse of what each option does.

First is the Backups option. When you click on this option, you get the expanded view. It will give you overview of all the linked devices and backups.

Coach mark 1 | Rebit SMB

The Settings option lets you configure backup, manage accounts, and network-related settings.

Coach mark 2 | Rebit SMB

The Account icon can help you manage your account, pause the backup, unlink devices, and open settings.

Coach mark 3 | Rebit SMB

You can add files or folders to your backup by clicking on the Add File or Folder button.

Coach mark 4 | Rebit SMB

We hope you enjoyed the little tour. If you wish to see the tour again, you can go to the Account icon in the top right corner and click on the Show tour option. Now, let’s explore all these options in-depth to know more about the Rebit Endpoint Backup user interface.

Exploring Menus, Options, and Buttons of Rebit Endpoint Backup

Backup Option

When you click on the Backup option, an expanded view opens up. You can add and remove files/folders for backup through this window. The files removed from the backup can be accessed from the Trash section of this window. You can also check which devices are linked currently to Rebit Endpoint Backup.

Backup option | Rebit 2

Settings Option

A similar expanded window opens up for the Settings option as well. In the Settings window, you can configure backups, manage preferences and network settings, upgrade and unlink an account, and get details about the app.

Settings window | Rebit SMB

Account Menu

As shown in the tour above, you can access your account and settings from this menu. If you wish to pause backup in between, you can do so easily from this menu. There is also an option to Unlink Device and Show Tour in the Account menu. If you wish to close the app from the system tray as well, you can click on the Exit option.

User Menu | Rebit SMB

Add File or Folder

Using this option, you can add all crucial files and folders you wish to back up.

Backup Menu | Rebit SMB
As you are well acquainted with the Rebit Endpoint Backup user interface, you can start protecting and backing up your business data.