Product Highlights

Why should we use Rebit Pro Business?

Simple, Easy to Use Interface- Designed to be “Ridiculously Simple,” Rebit Pro offers a simple, easy to use interface for both cloud and local backup. The seamless integration of local and cloud backup, along with the ability to backup clients and servers with a single product, provides you with enterprise level backup capabilities without the need to manage a complex, expensive product.

What is different in Rebit Pro Business?

Windows Server and Client Backup-Unlike competing solutions which require separate products to manage client and server backup, Rebit Pro offers this capability through a single engine. With a heavy focus on usability, our product allows for easy management of both servers and clients through one user interface.

What kind of architecture does Rebit Pro Business use?

Breakthrough Hybrid Architecture- By leveraging a single backup engine to manage both local and cloud backups, Rebit Pro provides the first seamless hybrid backup solution. A single user interface allows you to manage backups and get a unified view of data, whether it’s local or in the cloud.

How does Rebit Pro Business help in full system protection?

Continuous Data Protection- Most backup solutions require users to set up elaborate backup plans for their clients and servers. Rebit Pro uses CDP technology to automatically back up ALL changes that occur with the system every 30 seconds, waiting until the system is idle to avoid any performance impact. This eliminates the need for backup plans and schedules but ensures full system protection.

What does Pro Business offer?

Point in Time Snapshots-Often referred to as “Time Machine for Windows”, Rebit Pro automatically maintains point-in-time full system backups. This feature allows you to go back in time to restore something as basic as a file, or if necessary, perform a full system restore. This simple to use feature can be a lifesaver in the event of a malware infection or hard disk failure.

What kind of interface does Rebit Pro Business provide?

Advanced Scheduling- RebitPro’s Continuous Data Protection capability precludes the need for backup plans and schedules for all PCs and most servers. However, in the event setting up backup plans and schedules is desired, Rebit Pro provides an intuitive dashboard interface to provide this functionality.

What is the most important feature of Rebit Pro Business?

Drive Rotation- Rotating tapes or USB drives, in many cases offsite, has become a standard practice for disaster recovery with many small businesses. Rebit software catalogs all devices it has used for backup, along with the exact backup status of each device. With this feature, each backup device is synchronized to the current state of the system when it is reconnected making drive rotation an automatic and effortless process.