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What type of Rebit backup should I choose?

Make sure your entire computer and your most important files are protected by adding one or more types of

Types of backups

Depending on the type of license that you have purchased, Rebit offers up to three different types of backups:

1. Online Backups

Backs up to your online backup account.

Backing up your most important files, such as pictures and music, to an online backup account.

Should disaster strike, your most important files are protected in an off-site location.

2. Local Backups

Backs up to a USB drive, external hard drive connected to your computer, or a separate hard drive in your computer.

Backing up your entire PC or laptop using Full System Protection.

3. Network Backups

Backs up to a network storage device (NAS) or Windows network share.

Small businesses or experienced home users: with network backups, you have the ability to back up your entire computer or just selected files.

Which type of backups are right for you?

Rebit Backup allows you to back up to both on-site and off-site backup destinations. Protect your files with
a hybrid backup strategy (more than one option).

Rebit makes hybrid backups very simple. By offering both on-site (local and network backups) and off-site
(online backups), you can create a simple hybrid backup strategy.

To create a hybrid backup:

  1. Start your Full System Protection by backing up to either a local or network destination.
  2. Protect your most important files by backing up to an online backup account.

Changing Backup Settings

If you want to change your backup settings, click Settings on the Dashboard.

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