Introducing Rebit 2.3: Magic in the Rebit family
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Release Announcement: Rebit 2.3 Is Here With Best-In-Class New Features and Enhancements

[Broomfield, Colorado, September 2022]

Rebit, a leading provider of backup solution provider for consumers and small businesses, is all set to release its newest version with Rebit 2.3.

This release brings ransomware protection, community requested enhancements, improved application performance, and expanded management features for Rebit Endpoint Backup.

With this release, we bring a superior version of Rebit to assure you of legitimately standard solutions suitable for your personal and business needs.

Brilliant New Features and Enhancements of Rebit 2.3

Enhanced Performance for Better Backup Experience: Improved app performance dramatically reduces system resource utilization.

Security Against Ransomware: Known ransomware file types are now detected, protecting your data and aiding in recovery.

Intuitive User Interface: The desktop app interface has been improved in several significant ways, largely driven by feedback from our users.

Improved Management of Rebit Endpoint Backup: With the 2.3 release, you get an option to add 100 users at once simplifying the user management for Rebit Endpoint Backup users.

“In July, we released Rebit 2, which was a complete overhaul and modernization of Rebit backup. What you will see from us is a rapid release cycle, where we continuously bring enhancements and features to Rebit,” said Justin Gesso, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Rebit.

Here we are Just 2 months after our initial launch, and we already have Rebit 2.3, which includes enhancements requested by our community along with new capabilities, such as ransomware protection. I hope you will join us as Rebit evolves. And please, do head over to to share your input. That is how we will thrive.”

Justin Gesso | Senior Director of Product Marketing |

Rebit is protecting data by providing an impeccable backup solution since 1991. With the recent launch of Rebit Endpoint Backup and Rebit Personal, the data backup process is even more simplified. Rebit Personal can help anyone and everyone with the data backup solution on their personal computers. And Rebit Endpoint Backup can help demystify the process of setting up cloud backups for small business owners. Rebit provides an overall connected, refined, and modern experience across your devices.

For more details on the new features and improvements in this release, please refer to the release notes for Rebit Personal and Rebit Endpoint Backup. Please refer to Rebit’s product guide to get started with new features.

If you want further assistance, or when you’re thinking about getting something fixed, all you need to do is Contact Rebit Support.

About Rebit

Rebit software is used by hundreds of thousands of users and has built a reputation for providing “ridiculously simple” computer backup software. Our next-generation technology combines full-system protection with local and cloud backup all in a simple, complete PC backup solution.

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