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Introducing Rebit Endpoint Backup: Secure, Scalable, Straightforward Backup Solution for Small Businesses

[Broomfield, Colorado, August 5, 2022]

Rebit, a leading provider of online backup solutions for consumers & small businesses, and a unified data resilience platform provider, today announced the launch of Rebit Endpoint Backup. With the new release, we have incorporated RBAC to help you manage your company’s backups, deployed AES 256-bit client-side encryption for enhanced security, and added a new portal (Sentinel) for efficient subscription management. You can also access your files using the priority restore feature in case of any emergencies.

Rebit Endpoint Backup is an innovative, highly-capable backup system that safeguards data, applications, and systems to optimize data management.

Advancements to the New Rebit Endpoint Backup Architecture

Role-Based User Management for Enhanced Security

Rebit Endpoint Backup introduces Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) that helps you determine permissions within your company. It provides four built-in roles (Owner, IT Administrator, Finance Administrator, End-User) for better user management.

Subscription Management: Flexibility in Managing Licenses

With this feature, Rebit Endpoint Backup can add or remove user licences, upgrade storage plans depending on business needs, and modify individual roles, thus ensuring flexibility.

Virtually Impenetrable AES 256-Bit Encryption

With Rebit Endpoint Backup, we have massively expanded our security mechanism by deploying AES 256-bit encryption which is regarded as the golden standard for enhanced security.

Continuous Data Protection That Keeps Your Data Up-To-Date

With continuous data protection, Rebit Endpoint Backup allows you to capture and track every single change made to your business data, thus enabling you to save all the versions of your files with no data loss.

Enable Priority Restore Feature in Case of Emergencies

Rebit Endpoint Backup enables you to access files using ‘priority restore’ in case of emergencies and contingencies, thus facilitating quick access to files.

Lightning Fast, Infinitely Scalable, and Intuitive UI Experience

With Rebit Endpoint Backup, we have built the functionality based on anticipated user needs. We have distilled a complex process into a click or swipe, thus making it reactive, efficient, and accessible for users.

Managed Version Retention Policy

Rebit Endpoint Backup permits you to store all the versions of the backed-up file for 30 days, post which only the most recent version of the file is stored, thus conserving the memory.

Backup and Restore from File Explorer in Minutes

You can back up and restore files in minutes with the new Rebit Endpoint Backup. When you launch the file explorer, the ‘Rebit Backup’ option will appear in the context menu, allowing you to perform a two-step backup selection. Hence, there are no complicated configurations, or program dependencies.

Centralised Management With New Sentinel Portal

The most significant change to Rebit Endpoint Backup is the addition of a new portal (Sentinel) for creating, managing and notifying subscriptions. It will enable you to view all of your devices’ backed-up data in one spot.

“Rebit Endpoint Backup provides a simple way for small and mid-sized companies to backup their employees’ workstations in a scalable manner. Thanks to our revamped architecture, expect to see rapid feature rollouts as Rebit evolves into a comprehensive data management ecosystem.”

Justin Gesso | Senior Director of Product Marketing |

Rebit’s patented technology provides industry-leading features while maintaining ease-of-use. The core principle behind Rebit is to keep things “ridiculously simple,” which explains its dedicated user base. Please refer to the Rebit Endpoint Backup product guide for more information on the new features and enhancements in this edition and get started.

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