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How to Perform a Local Backup | Quick Tip Series


Welcome to another Rebit Quick Tip Video. Today we are going to dive into how to do a local backup.

Local backup securely stores copies of your files to an external drive that is connected to your computer.

The first step to completing a local backup is to plug in an external drive.

For today, we are going to back up to a USB drive. You can also use a secondary drive.

To check that your USB is installed, go into your File Explorer, then This PC. You should see your USB here.

Once the device is plugged in and installed, click on Local Backup in your Rebit dashboard.

Then select a drive.

Rebit will automatically prompt you to do a full system backup, but you may just want to back up a set of files and folders, which I will demo here.

So for today, we are going to choose to locally back up our pictures. After selecting your local target and files, Rebit Backup will begin by making a recovery point.

The next step is to let it run to completion.

Once it completes for the first time, Rebit will monitor your selected files and folders for any changes. It will automatically back these changes up in the background so you can have peace of mind that your backup is current.

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