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How to Choose Specific Files to Backup | Rebit Quick Tip Series


Hi there! Welcome to another Rebit Quick Tip Series.

Many of you have been asking how to pick and choose specific files and folders to back up in Rebit. Rebit allows you to create custom sets where you can choose to back up specific files and folders which gives you even more control over your backups. It is a very simple process that we will go over today!

The first step is to launch your Rebit Backup Dashboard.

From there we see the change button in the selection section.  -> Click change.

It will then give us a general look at the Windows default libraries where most of your saved folders and files are kept. But say you don’t want to back up everything in your pictures folder, you want to only backup certain files.

You can do this by going to the top where we see Sets and click on ADD.

We will then see this box pop up where we can now begin choosing specific file sets that we want to back up.

We do this by clicking on ADD MORE FOLDERS -> double-clicking into the user here.

We will then see the default libraries. When we double click into pictures, we are now able to see the specific folders in that library. We can then go through and find the exact folders that we want to back up.

We select the folder and then click choose.

Now we will see the specific folder here. We can also add more by repeating the same process.

But for today this is the folder we want to back up and create a custom set for so we hit the DONE button.

We can see this custom set backing up here. You can always make modifications, schedule, and delete the custom set using the buttons here.

Thanks for watching it.

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