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How do I view my Rebit backup history?

To view a listing of recent backup events, click the History button in the lower-left. The History button on the Rebit Backup dashboard will display recent history for all backup locations. To see a listing of recent backup
events for a specific backup location, click the Change button for that location, then click the History button on
that location’s detail page.

If the same event occurs more than once within an hour, only the latest event is listed.

The Recovery Point history option allows you to know when the system has created recovery points, or complete backups created by Full System Protection.

To view the recovery point history:

  1. From the Full System Protection line on the Network Backup page, click History.
  2. The system displays the Recovery Point History window with the dates of the most recent recovery
    points. Recovery points are complete backups of your entire C: drive created by Full System Protection. If needed, you can restore your computer from one of these recovery points.

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