Rebit Pro Personal 3D Box Cover

We believe protecting your data should be simple. Ridiculously simple.

Award-Winning PC Backup. Patented Features. Unmatched Value.

Protecting hundreds of thousands of customers for over a decade with simple PC backup.

Rebit blows away the competition

Rebit simply offers you the most complete backup service available. It's simple. It's inexpensive. There's no real competition.

  • Full-system image and cloning
  • Local backups

  • Network backups (bring your own cloud!)
  • Cloud backups

  • No limits on the file types or sizes
  • Awesome support


$5.00 per month

Limited. It's own website says it is a "secondary" backup solution.

Full-Image Backup & Cloning

Local Backup

Network Backup

Cloud Backup

File History & Versioning

$6.00 to $50.00 per month

Focused on business users, expensive, and limited in fine print.

Full-Image Backup & Cloning (only with $50 version)

Local Backup

Network Backup

Cloud Backup

Numerous File Type & Size Limitations

$49.99 one-time + $299 per year for cloud

Confusing, expensive, and stuffed with unrelated features.

Full-Image Backup & Cloning

Local Backup

Network Backup

Cloud Backup - Starts at $299 per Year

Prices and comparisons based on data from provider websites as of April, 2018.

Limited-time offer! Free 30-day trial.

Rebit is ridiculously simple. And ridiculously effective.

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Rebit is the most robust and capable backup software on the market.

Simple to use, but flexible enough to meet nearly any use case. Back up your individual files and/or your entire system. Back up to many destinations or just one.


Keep your files, photos, videos, and music safe with Rebit

Backing up your PC is one of the single most important things you can do to ensure the safety and security of your files, your photos...your memories.

With Rebit, you can restore back to a snapshot in time with our simple one-click restore.

Whether a virus, malware, mistake, fire, or theft, you’ll be protected with Rebit.

Backing up your PC can be simple...ridiculously simple

Rebit is called “ridiculously simple” for a reason. We want everyone to have the protection that PC backup offers. We built Rebit for humans.

Rebit is a true set-and-forget solution that will keep you backed up with continuous data protection. No more scheduling backups. And no manual steps.

When it comes to recovering your computer, we kept it simple too. You can restore a single file or recover your entire PC. Rebit’s one-click restore with historical snapshots is just a click away.

And if you’re having trouble at any step of the process, our friendly 24x7 support is here for you.

Are you covered end-to-end?

Each type of backup has its own pros and cons.

But with Rebit, you don’t have to worry about this complexity. We have you covered. Rebit provides hybrid backup, allowing you to continuously back up to multiple destinations, including local, network, and cloud.

And when it comes to recovering from a total loss, no one has you better protected than Rebit. Our unique bare-metal recovery can restore your PC completely. If your computer is lost, damaged, or stolen, you can recover everything...operating system, files, system settings, and more.

Start backing up your memories today with Rebit's award-winning software.