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We believe protecting your data should be simple.
Ridiculously simple.

Full-system image and cloning

Local, Network, Cloud backups

Awesome technical support

Stuck at home special

We want to help back up your important data during these tough times.

We are giving you Rebit entirely free for 90 days.

Safe and Secure

Backing up your PC is one of the single most important things you can do to ensure the safety and security of your files.

Whether a virus, malware, mistake, fire, or theft, you’ll be protected with Rebit.

One-Click Restore

No more scheduling data backups. And no manual steps. When it comes to recovering your computer, we kept it simple too. You can restore a single file or recover your entire PC.

Rebit’s data backup and recovery with historical snapshots is just a click away.

Hybrid Backup

Rebit provides hybrid data backup, allowing you to continuously back up to multiple destinations, including local, network, and cloud. Our bare-metal recovery can restore your PC completely.

When it comes to recovering from a total loss, no one has you better protected than Rebit.

Start backing up your memories today with Rebit's award-winning data backup and recovery software.


A Brief History of Rebit

“To someone who has been setting up backupsfor a while, this is really impressive… Rebit gets it. They’ve made a product that does a very specific thing very well: worry free backup. To date, no other program quite does this… ”

- PCMag

Rebit Backup Software Earns Editor’s Choice

"The real star of the package is the software... The Rebit software gives you a full backup of your hard drive(s), featuring true disaster recovery to a bare metal hard drive (aka fresh out of the box)…Rebit can give you the peace of mind."

- backupwhatbackup

Cool New Products for Storing Your Content Online

“Rebit's new data protection suite uses enterprise-inspired Mirror Image technology, meant to allow full system recovery — not just of personal data, but of your apps, settings, and system files — from the cloud if your PC hard drive ever fails.”

- Notebook Review


$4.99 / month

  • 👍 Simple to use, affordable, complete. Rebit is the most robust backup
  • ✔️ Full Image Backup & Cloning
  • ✔️ Local Backup
  • ✔️ Network Backup
  • ✔️ Cloud Backup 250GB included
  • ✔️ Always Encrypted Backups
  • ✔️ File History & Versioning
  • ✔️ No Limits on File Types or Sizes
  • ✔️ Recover from Viruses, Malware & Ransomware


$5.00 / month

  • 👎 Limited. It's own website says it is a "secondary" backup solution  
  • ❌Full Image Backup and Cloning
  • ❌ Local backup
  • ❌ Network Backup
  • ✔️ Cloud Backup
  • ✔️ File History & Versioning


$6 - $50 / month

  • 👎 Focused on Business users, expensive and limited in fine print
  • ❌ Full Image Backup & Cloning(Only with $50 version)
  • ✔️ Local Backup
  • ✔️ Network Backup
  • ✔️ Cloud Backup
  • ❌ Numerous File Type & Size


$49 one-time + $299(cloud)

  • 👎 Confusing, expensive and stuffed with unrelated features
  • ✔️ Full Image Backup & Cloning
  • ✔️ Local Backup
  • ✔️ Network Backup
  • ❌ Cloud Backup - Starts at $299 per Year

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Data backup saves snapshots of your personal digital items, which might include your documents, your photos, your music, your videos, and more.

Having a good data backup plan helps ensure your data is backed up in an automated manner, ensuring you'll always have your data safe in case of a disaster, loss, or mistake.

Rebit can help ensure you have a simple, complete plan for backing up your data. Rebit automatically takes snapshots, does a cloud data backup, and can backup your data locally.

There’re three different backup methods – full backup, differential backup and incremental backup.

  • Full Backup: In a full backup, all the data is backed up to a target disk in each backup.
  • Differentia Backup: In a differential backup, only the data changed since the last full backup is backed up.
  • Incremental Backup: An incremental backup also backs up changed or new data, but these changes are based on the previous incremental backup as opposed to the last full backup.

Rebit performs incremental backups on a continuous basis, ensuring your data backup is as up-to-date and efficient as possible.

Rebit also performs concurrent direct, network, and cloud backups. Backup to hard drives connected directly (USB, eSATA, etc.), over your network (wireless backup or LAN connections to Network Attached Storage (NAS)), and in the Rebit Clou

The best way to backup data involves having two key strategies in place. Good backup software will manage these items automatically.

  • First, backups should be performed automatically so that you always have the latest versions of your files available.
  • Second, files should be backed up to more than one destination, including one onsite location (such as a secondary hard drive) and one offsite location (such as the cloud). This ensures that if a local disaster happens, you will still have a safe copy of your backed-up data.

Rebit provides for automatic, continuous backups and supports multiple simultaneous destinations, including local, network, and cloud.

This ensures the latest versions of your data is protected both offsite in the cloud and onsite in cost-effective local copies.

Rebit also gives you the ability to perform drive rotation, backing your data up to different drives so that you can archive them offsite.

The main advantage of backups is to prevent loss of data. All your software can be reinstalled, but sensitive data may be lost forever. Having a backup in place prevents this.

The main advantages of backups are having quick access to files, protection against failures, protection against virus threats, protection against loss, and disaster recovery.

Optimally, backups should be done continuously to minimize the amount of data loss in case of a failure. Good backup software will monitor your system for changes and back these changes up as they happen in an incremental manner. This is efficient while also ensuring your backup is up-to-date.

Rebit continuously monitors your files and backs them up within moments. File versions are maintained so you can go back in time to any previous version.

Most backup solutions require users to set up elaborate backup plans for their clients and servers. Rebit Pro uses CDP technology to automatically back up all changes that occur with the system every 30 seconds, waiting until the system is idle to avoid any performance impact. This eliminates the need for backup plans and schedules but ensures full system protection.

RebitPro’s Continuous Data Protection capability precludes the need for backup plans and schedules for all PCs and most servers. However, in the event setting up backup plans and schedules is desired, Rebit Pro provides an intuitive dashboard interface to provide this functionality.

Restoring from backup is the task of copying your backed-up files to the system you want to restore. Backup software will handle this task in an automated manner. You may also be able to restore past versions of backed up files, which is helpful in case a file was inadvertently changed. Once your restore is complete, your computer will be back to its original state.

Rebit allows you to easily recover the entire system hard drive from any catastrophic event – hard drive crash, virus or corrupted software installation.

Award-Winning PC Data Backup. Patented Features. Unmatched Value.